Shaping the digital transformation together.

Co·Impulse stands for the further development of organizations and teams by actively shaping change. Our aim is to put your company on the right track with innovative impulses, to be your reliable partner in the digital transformation and to accompany you on the way to sustainable success.

We support you in the following areas:



Evolution of the organization in the digital transformation.

Successful organizational development, which should be managed without significant conflicts and efforts, needs the balance between clear leadership and the motivated participation of employees. Through consistent concentration on the potential and resources of the company, the guided change of the organization becomes a genuine advancement.

We support the digital transformation of your organization with a holistic approach, taking into account the culture, structure, processes, communication and competencies of your organization.

Our Co·Impulse Transformation Audit (CITA®) is an efficient way to ensure your path to the future. Together with you, we analyze the status quo, define the requirements for your transformation, collect the necessary data and set a detailed plan for the next steps.

During the analysis, the actual state becomes transparent and forms the basis for the reliable derivation of your path to the destination. Realistic implementation and control planning ensures sustainable transformation. Our approach gives you a plan for your next steps towards a strong future.


“If you are in a hurry, go slowly”, “The way is the goal” – there are many good sayings like these. But why do they work so badly in daily practice? The answer can be found in another saying: “Knowledge comes from the right combination of knowledge.” In this sense, we provide you with the necessary skills for your digital transformation:

  • Project management
  • Product development
  • Communication
  • Conflict management

With every change in the company, you, as a manager, specialist manager or project manager, face different challenges. With our systemic approach, we analyze your current situation together with you and are at your disposal as a sparring partner.

We are not afraid to hold up a mirror for you and to challenge you, to provide transparency through blunt reflection.

  • Conflict analysis
  • How do we deal with change?
  • How do we deal with criticism?
  • How do we communicate?


The way in view – not just the goal.

We have all been trained for decades to see our results count more than our way there. No wonder that a culture of prototyping or “fail early to learn fast” is slowly gaining ground in Germany. We advise you on the use of sustainable methods for process optimization.

We support you in the development and integration of the following topics:

  • Customer-centric Alignment and Service Design Thinking
  • SCRUM, kanban, waterfall or the question “Which methods do I need for the digital transformation?“
  • Process management
  • Product development
  • Requirements development
  • Innovation Management

Digital transformation presents us all with challenges. But he also offers great opportunities. The experts of Co·Impulse show you ways how to make your processes and product developments fit for the future.

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Creativity Techniques
  • Use of customer-centered methods
  • Agile working


Effective, structured, safe.

The best projects are always those in which the balance between workload and successful implementation feels right. In order to do this more and more often, we offer you support along the way, to recognize – and of course to do – what is important at the moment.

The foundation for a successful project is laid at the beginning by the project planning and the project start phase. We are happy to take over conceptual tasks and introduce methods, tools and techniques into your company.

We are also happy to take responsibility for your project and lead it together from the initialization to the end with your employees safely to the finish.

We respond flexibly to your needs. Depending on your project experience, we will pragmatically teach you the necessary skills. Our workshop leaders are passionate coaches and give you exactly the knowledge you need for your daily work. Your employees become more self-confident, more versatile in projects, and more efficient in their projects.

You want to build project competence?

In our seminar Project Management 4.0 you develop necessary tools and methods of project management. In a practice-oriented learning field you will receive the theoretical knowledge and apply it immediately. You will learn what is important in projects and how to use what you have learned successfully.

You want to solve conflicts in the project successfully?

In our conflict management workshop, you develop the necessary methods and tools for conflict management. You will learn to analyze and understand conflicts and to develop a suitable strategy for your solution. They learn what matters in conflict situations and how they use what they have learned successfully.

Coaching for the project leader and the team

Cooperation in the project requires the right tools, coordinated processes and clear structures. Through a good culture of conflict, criticism and feedback you create the basis for appreciative and productive interpersonal relationships in your company.

Regardless of which phase the project is in, we support you in using the right project management process, clarifying roles or optimizing cooperation between different stakeholders.