What do you get when you combine the processes and key figures of your company with a controlled improvement process?
A more sustainable business organization.


Let me take this apart: 
Whether you are looking at sales, production or marketing processes, if you want to make your business sustainable in the long term, then the goal must be to implement it as efficiently as possible. Only according to which criteria can I measure? And how do I make sure that all employees work according to the same procedures?
We believe that it is not very effective to record every single independent task and to give it a key figure. Through this effort, the investment would quickly become an issue.
Pay attention to the comparability and the goals you pursue with the choice of the key figures. This creates a basis for being able to evaluate the key figures in a reasonable manner and consistently improve the company.



Ask yourself the right questions

  • Which core processes run after an always identical and comprehensible process?
  • According to which key figures do I control the company today?
  • Which and how many tasks and persons are involved in a process?
  • If certain employees fail, in which document are the tasks and processes to be able to train another employee?

Establishing standard processes in the company is not a new concept. In fact, it is used consistently in most large companies and in many medium-sized companies as well. What if I tell you – while the use of processes is good – that there is a risk of doing this without metrics and a controlled improvement process?

Give the procedure a structure
Only by setting up processes, you have the opportunity to reliably manage with key figures and to continuously optimize the company through a controlled improvement process.